Benefits of Being with a Site Network: Reason 2



Once a site is ready to conduct research, it must find clinical trials that it is interested and qualified to participate in. Physicians can search helpful websites such as or contact the drug companies whose products they prescribe. Or, they can let the network play matchmaker on their behalf.

A major benefit of being part of a site network is being able to leverage that network’s high-caliber, well-established sponsor and CRO relationships. In fact, sponsors and CROs often look to site networks first in order to streamline their own efforts to find qualified sites. Therefore, site networks secure hundreds of new study opportunities every year. This offers sites exposure to new sponsors and CROs they may otherwise not have the chance to connect with.

When a site joins a network, the network identifies studies within the site’s areas of expertise and areas in which they would like to expand. Their interests are tracked in order to offer the broadest variety of opportunities. The network can even tailor offerings to include or exclude specific sponsors/CROs. Some networks even offer assistance with addressing pipeline challenges, and offer the development and maintenance of robust and stable study streams.

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Stephanie Jones