Benefits of Being with a Site Network: Reason 4



Once a site has been awarded a study, patient recruitment and the meaningful work begins, but the paperwork and compliance requirements don’t end. Clinical trials can make a difference but careful procedures and reporting ensure compliance and data that can be further acted upon.

As part of a network, sites gain the support of experienced professionals who can assist in all of these aspects, from recruiting to reporting. The best networks help ensure accurate and timely reporting, with a dedication to accurate data collection and timely CRF entry, which is extremely important to sponsors and CROs. Without accurate data, the study is useless. The network can provide best practices; training and support for quality assurance and quality control; and high data collection standards.

And while the network is supporting the site during ongoing studies, they also are continuing to grow the site’s study pipeline. They will develop and maintain a robust and stable study stream with access to a variety of study opportunities on topics the site is interested in, including expansion into new therapeutic areas, all while ensuring ongoing studies are completed to the highest industry standards.

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Stephanie Jones