Benefits of Joining a Site Network: Reason 1


Being involved in clinical trials provides benefits to physicians by facilitating learning, exposing them to new medical therapies, and providing new options for their patients. However, there are quite a few detailed steps involved in becoming an investigative site, and it may be overwhelming.


The first steps include ensuring compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and having the knowledge of good clinical practice (GCP). GCP refers to the principles and processes investigators are expected to follow, including protecting the rights, well-being, and confidentiality of study subjects plus the collection and submission of reliable data to regulatory agencies.

Clinical study sites also must address their physical needs. In addition to infrastructure required for its regular practice, the site must also accommodate specific needs for studies such as drug storage, security, equipment, and workspace for research associates and the clinical research coordinator(CRC), who handles the management and documentation of trials.

Joining a network can mean that experienced professionals can help with all of these steps, including offering on-site operational evaluations, site development plans, primary-investigator (PI) training and development, CRC training and development, and more. They have the experience needed to get a new site up and running efficiently and effectively, so real research can begin.

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Stephanie Jones