Men's Health Research: EARLEADA®, MRI, & a Patch


Though men and women share many of the same health risks and conditions, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and dementia, men have some unique health issues such as prostate disease and testicular cancer. Some health issues, such as coronary heart disease, lung cancer, and Parkinson's disease, are more common in men than women. Here are a few recent discoveries related to men's health.

Treating Advanced Prostrate Cancers—The first results of a phase III prostrate cancer clinical study evaluating a new drug, apalutamide (trade name ERLEADA®), to treat advanced prostrate cancers revealed that the treatment significantly improved overall survival, with a 33% reduction in risk of death. It also delayed progression and increased the amount of time until chemotherapy is needed. The drug is an androgen receptor inhibitor that was used in combination with testosterone-reducing drugs, which are used regularly to slow disease progression.

MRI ScreeningsA new MRI study in the UK will test a 10-minute MRI scan designed to diagnose prostate cancer. If effective, it could transform screening for prostate cancer (and others) by distinguishing between dangerous cancers and benign tumors, unlike blood tests, and may increase the number of screenings, due to its non-invasiveness.

Heart Patch—A new lab-grown heart patch could help repair hearts after a heart attack . The patch is made of human stem cells that are programmed to mature into cardiac progenitor cells and is sewn onto the damaged area of the organ to help pump blood and release chemicals for repair. The patches help keep the stem cells in place until they can begin working. In tests on rabbits, the patches started to beat after just three days, and to mimic mature heart tissue after a month. The next step is to test the patch in clinical trials.

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