Why Sponsors & CROs Should Use a Site Network: Reason 1


How many sites does the study need? How are the sites going to be located and selected? How will the connection and setup processes go? How long will it take to get the study started?

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All of these questions can be addressed by connecting with a reputable, proven site network. Site networks offer the benefit of having sites that are already vetted and ready to go, with a breadth and depth of experts including research professionals and project managers, plus facilities and systems, in place to start research as quickly as possible.

Becoming a qualified clinical study site is no small feat. From ensuring compliance with CFR and having knowledge of GCP, clinical sites must also provide the right level of infrastructure and expertise to conduct research. As part of a network, each site is confirmed in meeting all of the requirements of compliance, staff, training, and more.

Since each site is already qualified, that means studies can start faster, and sponsors know they are working with an expert team of research professionals who have the credentials and experience to effectively conduct the study.

The network also provides expert study-to-site matching. Since site networks secure hundreds of new study opportunities every year and regularly review, refine, and grow the network, sponsors and CROs gain exposure to qualified sites they may otherwise not have the chance to connect with.

And the network has already identified studies within each site’s areas of expertise and areas in which they would like to expand. Their interests are tracked in order to offer the broadest variety of opportunities and match each study with the best site or sites available.

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Stephanie Jones