Why Sponsors & CROs Should Use a Site Network: Reason 2



Once a clinical research site has been identified as a potential investigator for a study, several steps must be completed before the study can be awarded. These steps include completing numerous regulatory forms, agreements, and disclosures; site visits; gaining institutional review board (IRB) approval; signing a contract; and finally, initiation.

When a site is part of a network, the network assists in this process from submission to award. The network’s professionals have experience with all of these steps and can assist in form completion and submission, securing IRB approval, contract negotiations, and more.

Additionally, working with a site network streamlines processes and procedures to maximize operational efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability. The network takes care of many of the logistics, so the sponsor can rest assured that each site is focusing on what matters, conducting high quality research.

One primary benefit is having a single point of contact, which offers effective communication between sites and sponsors/CROs. This is simpler and more effective for everyone and leads to more effective study start-up times for all. But it does not preclude direct communication between sponsors and sites, which some sponsors may prefer. Investigator-centric preferences are addressed while also providing essential operating support.

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Stephanie Jones