Why Sponsors & CROs Should Use a Site Network: Reason 3



Once a study has been awarded to a site or sites, patient recruitment and the meaningful work begins, but the paperwork and compliance requirements don’t end. Clinical trials can make a difference but careful procedures and reporting ensure compliance and data that can be further acted upon.

Through working with a network, sponsors gain the support of experienced professionals who can streamline all of these aspects, from recruiting to reporting. Because networks work with multiple sites, they often have a large database of prospective patients for recruiting, many of whom may already be familiar with sites. Therefore, recruiting gets off the ground faster. They likely also have an ongoing marketing and advertising effort in place and ready to go when new studies are opening or need additional participants. This all leads to faster start-up.

The best networks also help ensure accurate and timely reporting, with a dedication to accurate data collection and timely CRF entry, which is extremely important to sponsors and CROs. Without accurate data, the study is useless. The network can provide best practices; training and support for quality assurance and quality control; and high data collection standards.

And while the network is supporting ongoing studies, it can continue to expertly match new studies with sites, taking into account each site’s expertise and capacity, ensuring every study continues to be conducted with compliance, professionalism, effectiveness, and efficiency.

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Stephanie Jones