Why Sponsors & CROs Should Use a Site Network: Reason 4



Why spend time, money, and effort on seeking out qualified sites, negotiating individual budgets and contracts, managing the studies, training on reporting and compliance, and more when a network can do that for you? Site networks can be the ultimate site management and compliance team for sponsors. Using their expertise to manage site-to-study matching, budgeting, contracting, reporting, and more provides an efficiency for both sponsors and sites.

Site networks have in place extensive resources that can provide uninterrupted service for studies. A single contract and budget for multiples sites versus individual contracts and budgets for many sites simplifies the process and makes it easier to manage for everyone. Coordination and communication is streamlined through a single point of contact who is familiar with every study and every site, requiring fewer resources and a consistent approach, and providing efficiency and savings.

Training, SOPs, compliance, data collection, and reporting are centralized with proven processes, and are monitored by the site network to ensure high quality adherence, relieving sponsors of detailed oversight. A reputable, experienced site network offers essential operating support by streamlining and centralizing, minimizing costs and maximizing study output.

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Stephanie Jones