We work with sites just like yours.


It’s not enough to be equipped for clinical trials, you have to stand out and you have to know where to look. We bring long-established sponsor and CRO relationships to the table so you can get to work. 

Our enthusiastic and experienced team will develop a close working relationship with you to make the process as smooth and upfront as possible.

 How Insearch Helps Sites:

  • High-caliber sponsor and CRO connections.

  • PI and site marketplace visibility.

  • Study opportunities tailored to your expertise and interest.

  • Study follow through from identification to award.

We do not create an email for you! You keep you contacts! We’ll handle the logistics so you can focus on what really matters.  We’ve earned our reputation for excellence thanks to quality sites like yours, and we’re ready for you to join us.

We’re the missing piece in your study pipeline.

Insearch Capabilities:

  • Industry expertise since 2008

  • Well established Sponsor and CRO relationships

  • Reputation for investigator and site excellence

  • Highly qualified and enthusiastic staff

  • Innovative approaches to all aspects of the business

Successful Results:

  • PI and site visibility in the marketplace

  • Study opportunity in your therapeutic areas of expertise and interest

  • Effective study opportunity follow through from identification to award

  • Development of close business relationships and effective communication processes

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