We’re a proven site network.

Investing untold amounts of capital and research into a new pharmaceutical shouldn’t hinge on an untested or unreliable study site.

Since 2008, it has been our mission to grow a healthy network that our pharma and CRO partners can rely on.

Insearch ensures that every aspect of your journey to approval is handled expertly, efficiently, and professionally.

How Insearch Helps Sponsors:

  • Effective study to investigator matching.

  • Study diversity from Phase I through IV.

  • Broad Board Certification and therapeutic diversity.

  • Efficient communication, data collection and timely entry.

  • A proven network of over 110 sites and 280 PIs that continues to grow.

  • Central budgeting and contracting as necessary.

You won’t have to worry about meeting enrollment goals. Your documents will be handled with the utmost care. Your study will happen the right way in all ways, always. We’ve earned our reputation for excellence and want to build and keep lasting relationships. Reach out and join the Insearch network! Contact us at 727-544-4842 or complete the form below.

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